LGBTQI Safe Houses/Spaces

An inclusive Ward 12 is one where everyone is represented and cared for. The adolescent LGBTQ community has an unique set of needs. Reports say that 40% of the 1.6 homeless juvenile community identify as LGBTQ and Cleveland is no different, with one of the highest population of homeless youth under the age of 18.

When elected as Councilwoman, it is my goal to work with organizations that can provide loving and caring LGBTQI safe houses/spaces for children 17 years and under to provide support for these young people, protect them in this critical time, and create a safety net for them to grow into the productive adults we need in Ward 12. Thank you to organizations like the LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland for being a wealth of knowledge and resources, and to organizations like the OCEC FOUNDATION a temporary foster home I met with that has agreed to be a LGBTQI friendly house for children 17 years and under in Slavic Village.

Thank you to the other organizations out there doing the work on important issues like this. I hope to be an ally and champion for the LGBTQI communities now and in future.

Tune in this Saturday to watch Team Taylor in this years Pride ride.


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